News / Community 03/2017
Phoenix Academy Outdoor Classroom

Maylim Build Outdoor Classroom & Educational Space for London School

We were delighted to have been able to offer services to replace and build a brand new outdoor classroom for the Phoenix Academy in White City.

The Phoenix Academy is a prestigious and inspiring school in White City. It offers a diverse range of opportunities to their students in order for them to achieve their full potential; the outdoor classroom is one of these. One of the schools many schemes is a large allotment and garden space.

Here students are able to plant, grow and maintain fruit and vegetables. The school uses immersive and interactive learning to engage and involve their students. This includes their outdoor classroom in the heart of the allotment. The teachers and pupils thoroughly enjoy using the space but due to age and usage the desks and seats were worn and needed replacing. This is where the Maylim team were able to step in and offer our skills and expertise.

In conjunction with Maylim’s work on the One White City project, working alongside Mace, our team were pleased to provide assistance removing the old classroom, building a new outdoor space. Our remit included clearing the area, moving on to build new benches, desks and a pergola canopy.

It was wonderful to be part of this rewarding project. We know the students and teachers are eager to get as much use out of the classroom.

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News / Community 02/2017
PIP Maylim London Marathon Logo Combined

Maylim’s Marketing Coordinator is Running the London Marathon for PIP

When Pursuing Independent Paths tweeted that they had a last minute place for this year’s London Marathon, our Marketing and Promotions Coordinator Frankie jumped at the chance to be part of this iconic event for a fantastic charity.

With only 12 weeks to train it’s a big challenge but as places for the London Marathon are often hard to come by. With over a quarter of a million people applying this year, the opportunity couldn’t be missed. Frankie has dusted down her running shoes, extended dry January and has hit an intensive training regime.

Maylim have worked with PIP before and it is great to be on board with the charity again. Our involvement in helping to build The Fruitful Garden on our Paddington Central Project was a positive experience for all. The team are delighted to be able to fundraise the wonderful work the charity do, helping adults with various learning disabilities to reach their full potential.

You can help Frankie smash her fundraising target here.

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News / Community 02/2017
Crash Charity Maylim Cake Sale

CRASH Charity #haveaheart Valentines Cake Sale

Valentines Day means more than just sending chocolates and flowers. Today our team at the head office joined forces, donned their aprons and got baking!

As patrons of CRASH we were delighted to host the #haveaheart charity cake sale at head office.

After all of the cakes were sold and devoured, we managed to raise over £240 for the charity’s valentines campaign. We would like to thank everyone at The Wenlock for their generous donations, the afternoon was a great success.

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News / Community 09/2016
Maylim at CRASH Hospice

Maylim are Proud to be Patrons of the CRASH Charity

CRASH are a fantastic charity that provide assistance to homeless and hospice charities with construction related projects.

We are honoured to announce we are now patrons of the charity, CRASH. Our role as patrons means we are able to provide our expertise and labour to the charity’s schemes. Our skills will be used to help refurbish various projects in aid of homelessness and for those with life-limiting illnesses.

Recently, we worked with CRASH to reconstruct the basement drainage at St Peter and St James Hospice. Our work was completed free of charge by Maylim staff who volunteered to be part of this rewarding project.

Giles Witcomb, Head of Fundraising for the hospice said: “Maylim not only provided a solution to a long term problem in minutes, but the very next week they provided both the labour and resources to complete the job on a pro-bono basis. Their advice and expertise has saved the hospice thousands of pounds, whilst guaranteeing the safety and well-being of our patients and other stakeholders.”

We are now working with the charity to start work on our second project.

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News / Community 07/2016
Essendine School Sensory Garden

Maylim Work Together with Local Primary School to Build New Sensory Science Garden

The redevelopment of Paddington Central has been very much focused on strengthening the community and creating an environmentally friendly space in this busy hub of London.

Maylim wanted to expand on this idea so we reached out to The Paddington Partnership, a group who put businesses in touch with local charities and projects. They suggested we contact Essendine Primary School to help develop a sensory garden space for the schools science department.

Originally a patch of waste land, Maylim volunteers worked through the summer holidays to transform the space. The pupils of the school were heavily involved and the project really helped to bring the local community together. A real sense of achievement was felt by all when the project reached completion.

The final outcome is an oasis for the children to enjoy and the garden will play a vital role in the children’s education.

Read the detailed Paddington Central article here

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News / Community 06/2016
Fruitful Garden

Maylim Create The Fruitful Garden for Charity PIP at Paddington Central

Pursuing Independent Paths are a charity that support and work with young adults with learning disabilities.

As part of our work on the Paddington Central project we were honoured to be part of The Fruitful Garden.

PIP’s focus and mission is to provide a wide range of services which help to empower, encourage and teach. These services can range from education and work experience, to social practice and emotional development.

Our team built the garden on a disused area of the Paddington Central Project. Once it was complete the students were able to plant and grow various herbs, fruit and vegetables. They are now able to use their produce to create tasty juices to sell on their ‘home-grown’ stands at fundraising events as well as street food markets, company receptions and community events.

The Fruitful Garden has helped to generate many more opportunities to develop skills, all whilst raising further public awareness of the charity. PIP then filer all proceeds back into funding their other inspiring projects.

Find out more about The Fruitful Garden here.

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News / Community 04/2016
Twickenham RFC Minis

Maylim Sponsor This Year’s Twickenham RFC Minis Festival, Making it Their Biggest Tournament in History!

Sunday 24th April marked the date of Twickenham RFC’s annual minis festival and this year we are very pleased to have been the main sponsor for this fantastic event.

The Twickenham RFC Minis Festival is an annual sporting event. It sees teams from all over the UK travelling to South West London, to take part in the tournament.

Maylim’s sponsorship, along with the support of Carillion, allowed for more than 120 teams to enter the tournament. Altogether over 1,200 children between the ages of 6 to 12 took part in the event. With the help of the parents and volunteers, as well the festival committee the day was a huge success and a great day was had by all.

You can read more about the event and club here


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