As specialists in hard and soft landscaping, paving projects, highways and civil engineering, our work helps to form the foundations of the towns and cities we live in.


Our reputation as a high-quality and specialist contractor is due to the distinguished projects we have been lucky to collaborate on. Our refined in-house team are experienced across all aspects of infrastructure projects and diverse environments.

Hands-on and informed, our management team takes pride in managing clients’ needs, seamlessly navigating the minefield of statutory consents and regulations. Extensive experience and knowledge mean that all our managers are well acquainted with the best practices and procedures and can predict and manage any challenges that may occur throughout a project.

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Design Development

Once the specifications and drawings are obtained from our architectural partners, we work on bringing the project design to life. This part of the process allows our accomplished team to add detail and dimension to the design.

With a meticulous eye for detail, we adapt the proposal ready for its transformation from paper to the construction site. Our understanding of engineering, aesthetics and the client’s specifications make Maylim the perfect partner for architects and clients; we understand their vision and proceed to deliver in line with this.

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Project Management

When the programme has been put in place by the pre-construction team, our project managers take the wheel and drive the project to completion.

As a fundamental part of the team, Maylim’s project managers are dedicated to each client and project. Building trust and controlling time management without losing a personal touch are vital elements for this stage of the process.

Strong concentration on building solid relationships with our clients and partners guarantees a seamless workflow and delivery, ensuring that the cost is within budget and that deadlines are consistently met and eclipsed.

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Drawing from our expertise and experience, we can offer a wide variety of bespoke services to our clients, helping us complete projects down to the finest detail.

Hard & Soft Landscaping

We are renowned for our hard and soft landscaping projects, providing unique communal spaces for people to come together and enjoy in our town centres, parks, schools and commercial developments.

Our experienced team can handle everything from design to completion, including paving, cladding, lighting, soft landscaping, water features and street furniture. Alternatively, we offer design, cost and value engineering consultancy.

Our integrated approach means we can manage the finer details of any project: civil engineering, drainage, utility companies and highway works are part of our remit. Our knowledge of materials and finishes is second to none, so whether it’s high-quality granite or tarmac and resin-treated footways, we’ll provide the suitable material in line with our client’s budget.


Concrete & Substructure

Our management team have extensive experience in the concrete and substructure sector, from constructing large areas of concrete build-up and lift shafts to reinforced ground floor slabs and curved sloping retaining walls.

Clients can relax knowing that we can handle every element of a project. This specialism minimises risk across our sites and adds to our well-rounded business scope of service, complementing the hard and soft landscaping and civil engineering aspects of our business.


Highways (278 & 106)

We are proficient at delivering fast-track, high-quality highway projects to local authorities and private clients. Our team understands the subtleties of complex highway projects, taking into account issues such as pedestrian and traffic management in restricted urban and external works areas.

We work hand-in-hand with stakeholders and clients alike, developing intelligent systems to make sure everyone is efficiently managed and informed from start to finish. We advise clients to involve us in a project as early as possible to help plan processes and budgets, minimise risk, and manage expectations.


Civil Engineering

Over the years, Maylim has become a trusted partner for delivering complex multiple interface civil engineering works in private and public spaces. Our expertise extends to logistics and coordination, which is hugely beneficial to our projects.

Our experience is diverse, from constructing roads, car parks and bus station terminals to playgrounds, footways, bridges and more significant scale structures. We welcome the challenge of a complex or unusual project involving bespoke water features or granite-clad structures. The Scoop Amphitheatre at More London is one of our most esteemed examples.

Some of our most successful collaborations have involved working on projects demanding specialist workforces. We are used to working in restricted works areas and managing diverse stakeholder relationships on significant public realm projects. We excel in problem-solving when facing challenging circumstances.

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