News / Community 25.06.16

Maylim Creates ‘The Fruitful Garden’ for Charity at Paddington Central

Fruitful Garden

As part of Maylim’s work at Paddington Central, the team were honoured to be part of ‘The Fruitful Garden’.

Pursuing Independent Paths’ (PIP) focus and mission is to provide a wide range of services that help empower, encourage, and teach. These services range from education and work experience to social practice and emotional development.

The project team built the garden on a disused area of the Paddington Central Project. Once it was complete, the students could plant and grow various herbs, fruit and vegetables. They can now use their produce to create tasty juices to sell on their ‘home-grown’ stands at fundraising events, street food markets, company receptions and community events.

The Fruitful Garden has helped to generate many more opportunities to develop skills, all whilst raising further public awareness of the charity. PIP then files all proceeds back into funding their other inspiring projects.

Find out more about The Fruitful Garden here.