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Phase 1 at Devonshire Square Complete

Devonshire Square Phase 1

Maylim has successfully completed Phase One of the Devonshire Square project. Dating back to 1768, the DSQ estate was originally once a warehouse for raw silk and textiles. It is now a vibrant mixed-use estate on the eastern edge of the City of London.

Phase One focused on enhancing The Avenue, the main gateway into Devonshire Square from Cutler Street. The project introduced corten-raised planters, seating, and new lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere day and night.

The landscape design by Townshend Landscape Architects includes a thoughtful planting scheme with topiary cubes and a mix of plants and shrubs, ensuring year-round interest. A new lighting scheme enhances the space during the evening hours. The scheme also aims to improve access and introduce additional green spaces across the estate.

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