News / Awards 25.07.16

RoSPA: Maintaining & Improving Health & Safety Standards

RoSPA Certification logo

As a registered charity, RoSPA believes that accidents do not have to happen. The scheme strives to save lives and reduce injuries. Gaining this RoSPA Certification will enable Maylim to follow better codes of practice and continue to improve performance levels.

Construction sites can be dangerous places. However, it is important to remember they do not have to be. Accidents can be prevented if sites are managed correctly, and health and safety standards are followed.

RoSPA is an essential figure in this safety structure. They have influenced legislation and issued information, education and an auditing service. They also provide their expertise for any business consultancy queries. As a member of RoSPA, Maylim has full access to the most recent updates and guidelines to ensure a safe and accident-free work environment.