News / Responsibility 08.02.24

Transforming Maran Way: Community Planting in South Thamesmead

South Thamesmead Garden Estate - Planting Workshop

As part of Maylim’s involvement at the South Thamesmead Garden Estate project, a collective effort with the local community has revitalised Maran Way. What once stood as car parking and highway spaces has now been repurposed into vibrant rain gardens. The new landscape serves a dual purpose of managing surface water and providing essential habitats for pollinators. 

The initiative garnered enthusiastic participation from various segments of the community. This included students from two local primary schools and residents actively involved through STGE’s Edible Garden project.

A further planting session with the Community Design Collective (CDC) has played a pivotal role in the project’s trajectory. The CDC joined the project team to select the trees for the landscaping at a nursery visit in Autumn 2023. Now, in their new home, the trees contribute significantly to establishing a site-wide arboretum, enriching the landscaping with a diverse tapestry of tree species.

Collaboration is at the heart of the STGE project. It underscores the community’s deep-seated commitment to fostering sustainable, ecologically vibrant spaces that will endure for generations to come. Maylim is proud to have been a part of the project, helping revitalise South Thamesmead Garden Estate’s green spaces.

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