News / Responsibility 18.07.23

Maylim Celebrates Promotions of Outstanding Employees

Maylim Promotions 2023

We are delighted to announce the recent promotions of three exceptional employees at Maylim. These individuals have consistently demonstrated their dedication and commitment to excellence and The Maylim Way.

Ciaran Poh – Promoted to Project Manager: Ciaran has shown outstanding leadership skills and the ability to manage complex projects. Ciaran joined the Maylim team in 2016 as a Graduate Site Engineer. He has since worked hard to progress his skills and knowledge in the landscape construction industry.

Ciprian Henta – Promoted to Site Manager: Ciprian has consistently displayed a strong commitment to the delivery of projects. He is a dedicated team player, both on-site and on the football pitch (where he often assumes the role of team captain). His dedication to achieving outstanding results showcases his character and valuable contribution to the Maylim team.

Florin Chiric – Promoted to Site Manager: Florin’s exceptional work ethic and valuable contributions make him a real asset to the team. He actively seeks opportunities to drive positive and innovative improvements across his projects. Florin received recognition for his achievements in Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: Next Generation initiative in 2021.

We congratulate Ciaran, Ciprian and Florin on their promotions and wish them continued success in their new roles. Their contributions have been invaluable to Maylim, and we are excited to see them thrive as they take on their new responsibilities.