News / Community 10.03.17

Maylim Build Outdoor Classroom & Educational Space for London School

Phoenix Academy Outdoor Classroom

We were delighted to have been able to offer services to replace and build a brand new outdoor classroom for the Phoenix Academy in White City. The Phoenix Academy offers a diverse range of opportunities to their students in order for them to achieve their full potential; the outdoor classroom is one of these. One of the schools many schemes is a large allotment and garden space.

Here students are able to plant, grow and maintain fruit and vegetables. The school uses immersive and interactive learning to engage and involve their students. This includes their outdoor classroom in the heart of the allotment. The teachers and pupils thoroughly enjoy using the space but due to age and usage the desks and seats were worn and needed replacing. This is where the Maylim team were able to step in and offer our skills and expertise.

In conjunction with Maylim’s work on the One White City project, working alongside Mace, our team were pleased to provide assistance removing the old classroom, building a new outdoor space. Our remit included clearing the area, moving on to build new benches, desks and a pergola canopy.

It was wonderful to be part of this rewarding project. We know the students and teachers are eager to get as much use out of the classroom.