Regent’s Place Phase Two

After successfully partnering with British Land on the first phase of works, Maylim was delighted to take on the Regent’s Place Phase Two public realm scheme as Principal Contractor.


Regent’s Place used to be a typical office-filled area with little life beyond the workweek. The existing public space lacked comfortable seating, places to socialise, and greenery, which could only be found in nearby parks.

New tenants, including media and tech companies, have since moved in, bringing a more diverse crowd and the desire for a more vibrant and functional environment. The Covid-19 pandemic also fuelled the need for distinctive outdoor spaces, connecting people with nature.

Enhancing Accessibility and Connectivity

The scheme’s primary objective was to improve accessibility and connectivity within the campus whilst also creating a more inviting environment for tenants, visitors and passersby. The landscape design, by Townshend Landscape Architects, prioritised the introduction of new walkways. This helped to link different areas of the campus, enabling people to navigate the space more efficiently. The design also established stronger connections between the campus and the surrounding area, including improved access from Euston Road.

Places to Gather

Addressing the need for establishing places to gather and socialise, Maylim collaborated with Xylotek to install three bespoke timber pavilions. Located on Osnaburg Place, these pavilions are not only functional but also serve as focal points within the new landscape. Created to be visually striking, the pavilions incorporate a lighting scheme, transitioning the spaces seamlessly from day to night. These new gathering areas offer the opportunity to meet, socialise and host events. One of the pavilions even incorporates a stage area for live performances.

The design for the landscape also factored in a multitude of possible uses and functions for the space. There are ample seating areas with tables and benches for people to come together. Isolated seats and benches provide opportunity for individuals to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Integrating Greenery and Biodiversity:

One of the key focuses of the project was to introduce substantial greenery to the previously predominantly hard-landscaped public realm. The soft landscaping scheme features large planters along the walkways filled with a variety of plant and tree species to add vibrancy to the campus. Additionally, Maylim worked with Biotecture to install one of London’s largest living walls. With over 22,000 plants, the living wall promotes biodiversity and provides a habitat for wildlife in the very heart of London.

The revitalised Regent’s Place now offers an enhanced public realm, fostering well-being through green space and providing a welcoming space for tenants, pedestrians, and the local community.

Photography © Paul Upward Photography



Complete / 24/02/2023


British Land PLC


Nex Architecture

Main Contractor


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Landscape Architect

Townshend Landscape Architects

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