News / Community 03.07.24

Maylim Joins Forces with Old Alleynian RFC for Big Help Out Workday

Big Help Out Workday

Maylim recently volunteered at Old Alleynian Rugby Football Club (RFC) for their Big Help Out workday. Using our landscaping expertise, Maylim joined the club’s dedicated volunteers to make some much-needed improvements to the club’s grounds.

Old Alleynian RFC, a historic club established in 1898, has long been a pillar of the Dulwich community. Known for its inclusivity and welcoming atmosphere, the club is a space for rugby enthusiasts of all ages to come together.

During the Big Help Out workday, Maylim and the club’s volunteers focused on addressing longstanding issues and enhancing the usability of the club’s facilities:

  1. Levelling the Pathway to the Parking Area: Our team tackled the pathway leading to the parking area. During wet weather, the path often became waterlogged and puddled. By levelling the path, we ensured a smoother, safer, and more accessible route for all visitors.
  2. Resolving Drainage Issues: The club had been concerned about persistent drainage problems in the goal area of the main pitch. The team resolved these issues, implementing effective drainage solutions to prevent water accumulation and ensure optimal playing conditions year-round.
  3. Levlling the Pitch: The playing surface is critical to rugby. The team cleared soil mounds and evened out bumps across the playing area to create a smoother playing experience.

As the club looks forward to the upcoming rugby season, these enhancements will boost player performance and spectator enjoyment. Maylim remains dedicated to engaging in initiatives that enrich local communities, and our partnership with Old Alleynian RFC is a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving meaningful, lasting change.

For more information about Old Alleynian RFC visit their website.