The Gasholders & Triplets Park

After working on various projects across the redevelopment of King's Cross, Maylim were awarded The Gas Holders and Triplets Park by client Argent.


The Gas Holder Triplets, or Siamese Triplets, are arguably King’s Cross’s most striking residential development. The scheme comprises of three Victorian gas holders, which have been impeccably redesigned by architects Wilkinson Eyre. Each gas holder elegantly encases 145 high specification apartments, with floor to ceiling windows with stunning views over the city, Regent’s Canal and neighbouring schemes, Triplets Park and Gas Holder Park.

A focal feature of the scheme includes the open-air internal courtyard. Here, all three gas holders intersect and the true beauty of the detailed and decorative structure of the gas holders can be admired. In this space, Maylim installed the internal water feature paving and as well as the large bespoke planters. We also completed work on the elevated circular walkways and bridges that overlook the courtyard. As well as this our remit included: cladding to roller bases, paving to 125 private balconies, installation of Corten steel planters and bespoke decorative screens to roof gardens and benches and the installation of 2 pre-cast concrete atriums.

Located between the gas holder structures is Triplets Park. A 5,000m² public space which surrounds the development and leads to Regent’s Canal and Gas Holder Park. Maylim’s work on this public realm consisted of; break out and reduce dig, drainage and ducting, installation of concrete slabs and the installation of granite paving throughout the scheme. As well as this we formed a variety of different sized and shaped planters and granite and timber framed bespoke benches that are integrated with the planter.

The project faced some logistical challenges as some areas of the building were not released due to the building serving as main priority. Despite this delay, Maylim obtained practical completion eight weeks before the building itself.



Complete / 15/12/2017




Wilkinson Eyre / ALD

Main Contractor




Project Value

£5.1m (combined value)

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