News / Health & Safety / Responsibility 15.06.23

Maylim Hosts Company-wide Safety Conference

Maylim HSEQ Employee Safety Conference 2023 - The Maylim Way

Maylim recently organised its first company-wide Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) conference since the COVID-19 pandemic. On Thursday, June 8th, all Maylim sites paused operations for the afternoon, ensuring the attendance of team members.

The conference kicked off with a collaboration between Maylim and AKT Productions. AKT Productions specialise in theatre-based techniques, delivering interactive workshops covering various aspects of safety culture and behaviours. The workshop was highly engaging, with the Maylim team providing feedback and ideas throughout the session. It was a great success and helped to highlight and promote a safety-conscious mindset.

Maylim’s Senior Management Team led the latter part of the afternoon. This focused on key topics, including health and safety standards, reinforcing The Maylim Way, and future schemes and development. Recognising the hard work and contributions of the team, the discussion concluded with sharing and celebrating success stories and achievements.

By shutting down all sites, Maylim is committed to advocating a strong safety culture. The event served as an important platform for the SMT to reinforce the company’s values, goals, and vision, ensuring every team member remains aligned, engaged and visible.

Maylim’s successful company-wide HSEQ conference marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards excellence in safety practices and continued success. The event underscores Maylim’s proactive approach to health and safety, driving collaboration and fostering a sense of pride in the company’s accomplishments.